GW Team Builder

GW Team Builder 1.2

GW Team Builder is the perfect tool for the team players

If you have ever designed a 8-player PvP build for Guild Wars, or have tried to discuss it with your mates, you will have found out one thing: It is hard. It is hard to keep eight players' skills in your head, and it is hard to keep track of the skills when everyone has a suggestion. "GW Team Builder" is designed to make all of this easy, and fun!
The biggest and greatest feature is the online option. With this feature, you can connect to a central server, join your friends in a channel and edit the same build with several people!
All changes are seen by everyone immediately, which is great for planning and discussing a build. You can also assign player names, which makes it easy to see who is playing what, and which characters are still free.
Whether you like to plan your PvP builds off-line, in forums or online with your friends - "GW Team Builder" is the right tool for the job!

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